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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bobi on Slide Take 2

Well, I decide to give it another shot and see if Bobi will come down the slide himself.
First, I got him setup and put on the top level and get him relaxed.

Next I start to tempt him to come down.

And actually I almost did it. He started to move down...

Well, he just happen to realize he is going down and suddenly turn back. He wont move down anymore...

Guess this means he learned something. But come to think of it. Fear. IT may not be something bad. His fear of slide can be a good thing to him becos then he won't hurt himself going down slides when nobody is around to watch him. Animals all has these fears build-in, where we humans learns to overcome it and some obviously learn it the very hard way.

Some afterthought I have is that perhaps its just not what Bobi is meant to do. I feel maybe its good to just keep him this way. :) He might not be able to play like other kids in the playground, but seriously, not many dogs looks cool on whale. ( See previous post )

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