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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Alphonso II The Making 6/6

The last part. Almost feel like part 3 of Starwars.
"I'm glad its finally over." Winston Avalon.

The front of A2. Notice the ugly white parts. Well, what can I do? Also see the 3 5.25inch bay fans which I am not too sure helps or not, blows air towards the back. I must also mention that my 2 HDDs are also running HDDs fan as well to keep their temperature down.

The back where you can see the PSU fan as well as the holes for the 2 backfans to blow out. Also notice the PCI exhaust fan here. This casing is kinda weird as it uses a screwless system for the PCI cards.

And this are the tools that made all these possible. Well, what do you think? Still want to save that $30 and or you are dying to assemble one like A2? This practically took 1 afternoon and of cos after rearanging the USB ports, I ended up having to reinstall some drivers.

Well, before I end this, here is a prizeless quiz.
How many fans are there in A2?
Dont look at me, I am not too sure either. :P

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