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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Alphonso II The Making 2/6

Here we are back again. Now lets start mounting the Motherboard into the case.

This is an awesome motherboard for its time. Now with the 9xx series around this 875 board has been forgotten. But its still good for me P4 3.0E.

Here the motherboard goes in. I think I forgot to mention the 2 backfans here are facing away from the case. Therefore the hot air will be effectively suck out of the case. This works with the aerodynamics of the 2 front front which blow in and this suck out, not resulting in any conflict where hot air is retended.

This is where the power supply goes in. This of couse is a really good PSU as well. It is PCIX ready as well. But like all power, the cables can be rather messy as you can see later on. This end part 2 here.

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