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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

AhAh, Megami Sama! S1

After a 2 weeks break, I am finally back from Thailand. Managed to finished watching Ah! My Goddess TV S1. I must say it bring back some fond memory. Although its is slow pace, but I guess its easy to enjoy it especially since I had followed this series for a long time. The Seiyu are the same which is what I really loved. IF they were changed, many things would not hadbeen the same. My japanese sucks, but I guess I could still live though all that and hopefully improve :) Anyway if you do not know or has not watch this anime, you are out man! :) I wont go about telling the who and what it is about but I would really like to know which character people really loved. I used to love Skuld a lot, but somehow hen she keeps getting in the way, I cant agree anymore. In fact, in some way, I think i like Ula a bit more now... But none of cos will surpass Balldandy. She is so cute (except for one epi where she is really sexy). Anyway, I cant wait till the S2 start and come to the episode with the travelling whale and Skuld. That in my opinion is one ofthe most touching story.

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