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Friday, July 29, 2005

You have Won ... AGAIN

While trying to download Mess for MSN Messenger 7.5, I was redirected to a link and this is what I saw. Emm... they even used SSL, so they must be for real. Anyway, for a CISSP guy like me, I am always skeptical about this. So I registered Bobi for the name. If you still do not know who is Bobi, look lower...

Next gets more interesting... Some info collection. Since Bobi is not very good in English, he will fill up his info about his house in Dogville.

So the final screen is rather interesting... A number to call... Well, I will kill Bobi if he use my phone to make an international call. So of cos he didn't. Haha...

Anyway, you still envy of my dream holiday? Then I have a few links to show you:

Now what do you think?
Hei, you know what? I did some more homework if you are not convinced. I checked the address, well, nowhere to be found. The building yes, but a company called "Travel Services". How original. BTW, the original link was from They have quite a reputation with spyware I guess too. Still not convince ha? Ok la, give you the link you go win yourself that dream holiday ba...

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