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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wats wrong with the XDA IIs

I had always wanted to say why I sold my XDA. OF cos it has to be after I sold it off :P Anyway now will probably be a good time.

1. Blue Angel HT505. If your serial number starts with HT505, you have the same piece of junk as me. This series has known screen problem. It will die on you sooner or later. Likely Sooner. The technician knows and admitted the problem at the repair center.

2. Impressive Camera. Seriously... Its so impressive I couldn't find another camera with worse output. At VGA, it clearly loses out to my previous Nokia 6600. It is so blur and so much noise in the camera. Hei, I had even seen the 1.3mp from the XDA Mini. Trust me it is not even slightly better. And it is still worse than the Nokia 6600.

3. BAD service. I do not need to say who does it. People who owns an O2 device will know and agree with me that the place that service it is almost a visit to Lucifer's doorstep in hell. Well, at least its warmer at Lucifer's place. But seriously, I can understand why Nokia is not under them for servicing. Hei, I am not a Nokia support.

4. Weight. It heavy you know. Possibility heavier than my current handphone and PDA added together. Thus not a good idea for my hand nor pocket.

5. Bad reception. I dun know if I was unlucky, but the reception is not something I feel can match the Nokia or even LG phones. Just simply not good in most cases. And it get very irritating to get cut off when you are speaking.

6. Bluetooth. Good brand. Broadcomm. But bad implementation. They only includes profile for Bluetoothe headset and alsolutely nothing else. Even a $100+ LG phone could send files to my PC using the bluetooth, but my $1400+ XDA just couldn't. PC is ok at least, but supposely you are outside and need to send some picture to another device, well, its a dead end.

7. 400Mhz only. It just doesnt kick some of the software I needed. I was very spoilted by the Dell's 624Mhz. For example, Morphgear will run like a snail, if it even runs at all.

I had this, tested and evaluated it or as long as I can tolerated, When to the hell, no I mean service center twice. All I can say. O2, I had enough.

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