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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Upgrading Phone and PDA

Well, nowadays its all about the Merge. Phone + PDA = Pocket PC Mobile Edition. I was there, I loved it, yet I am back. I still remembered I was the very Die Hard 2 devices person. About 2 months ago, I saw the XDA IIs. A beauty it was. But after many problems and stuff I finally had to let her go and came back to 2 devices. And guess what, after all the selling and buying, this is the accounting...

Nokia 6600 (+$330) -> XDA IIs (-$850) -> Sony Ericcson K750i(-$695) = -$1215

Shocking har, but then I am selling my XDA IIs off too...

Axim X30v (+$400) -> XDA IIs (+930) -> Axim X50v (-$638) = $692

That leaves my total to $523... Well thats the price of the upgrade I guess... The price of the lesson I guess too. Well, I am the 2 devices man again.

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