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Friday, July 15, 2005

Sending SMS from everywhere else besides my phone

Sound crazy right? Who would want to do that? Well, ME.
Look here. I have my phone buried deep in my pocket and I just dun feel like taking it out and I didnt really enjoy using T9 on the phone actually. Why? Because I have a PocketPC on my hand now and it is not cool to send the SMS from here? Well, it is. Using a very simple software call Simple SMS (Well, it say what it is). Anyway you can download it here :
and I really thank my brother, Chris for introducing this to me.

Now I am at home, sitting in front of my PC... I just feel like disturbing someone with my SMS... and I am damn lazy to walk 3.5m to go pick up my phone... Ok, where is it anyway now... Maybe more than 3.5m... Heck, why dont I just send it from my PC? Ya, why not?
I just realized Microsoft had written 2 solutions for this.

Via WinXP itself,

Via Microsoft Outlook 2003

Well, cool enough for me. Now I am really hands free from my phone as far as SMS is concern. BTW, All these is actually not possible without the wonders of Bluetooth. :)

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