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Monday, July 25, 2005

Rampage Through Time

Who would still be playing with the Playstation 1? ME. Well, at least this particular game called Rampage Through Time. Basically, its an extension of the original Rampage series which I must say simple, but will never be replaced. This is just one of those beat them up where you can take the bad guys for a change.

I must say this is probably the first PSX game I beaten on the PS2. I start to realized the so many problems of playing PSX games on PS2.

First there is the Gameshark. Well fortunately Codebreakers codes are 100% compatible. Next is the savegame. I had a multi bank save, which I just found out will not switch bank on the PS2... To add to the problem, there is no way to manage the PSX Memcard in PS2. This means I have a full card not able to delete off the older saves. A real situation this is now. I will have to find out how to or else this is probably the last PSX game I can play on the PS2 as well.

P.S. I still like Ralph as compare to all the other monsters.

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