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Thursday, July 14, 2005

NKF Donation

The recent uproar about the ridiculous (I could not find another word) pay and benefits some people get working for a charitable organization. No wonder everyone wants to go work in South Africa as a volunteer. ( No offensive, but this really helps in putting trust in charity. )

For me, the least I could say was, I was not conned of so many. Or I did even donated in the first place. Charity has always gave me the impression that it can be and will be use in a court.. no wait, I mean use for the bad purpose of something else such as Terrorism. I can still remember there were articles that talks about some ofthe so called funds are actually supporting the act. That is why I become very careful about who and what I am donating to. Sad to say, most organization could prove neither who they are and what they actually do.

So, before you throw your 2 cents into the tincan, ask yourself again. What if you are partly responsible for the corruption or even destruction of the society just becos your 2 cents went into the wrong hands. For me, at least I am proud to say, I slept well at night. :)

I would like to include a link to the Petition Site for the NKF incident, but I suppose it does not really matter now. It is not just this incident, but I feel the existance is of no importance. The public knows that have fundsing for the coming what 20 or 30 years, so I didn't expect any donation to come in any earlier anyway. They will probably be better off playing the Sim Lim game by changing name and start (doing whatever they were doing) again.


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