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Friday, July 29, 2005

National Library

Well, I am a real bookworm so to speak and you can often catch me hanging out at the libraries esp the one at Esplanade now. Anyway, since the National Library has reopened, I figure I should go take a look.ITs like 8 storeies tall, so what can go wrong?

Well, it was a day of disappointment. The shelf were huge, well kinda becos there are only like <8 books on each row of the shelfs. The total number of IT books came close to a total of 200 I believe if not less, which I feel is easily less than any regional Library. I was very disappointed.

Actually I primary aim was to see what Multimedia section offers. DVDs? CDs? Well, nothing. Yes, The biggest Library in Singapore does not have a MM or AV section. Dont't believe me? Take a spin yourself.

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