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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Memory Sticky

Just bought the Sony Ericsson K750i. Anyway I will talk about it soon. What I wanted to say was I needed to get a 1GB (Yes, I cant live with less) Memory Stick. So, here what happened. There are 2 brand mainly (Sony and Sandisk). But the namely is so confusing that I am totally lost as to what I can use and what I should use...

Anyway, took me a while to finally figured out what is what. Maybe I should write a unofficial Memory Stick FAQ... Haha :P

Ok, lets start with the size. There are only 2 so far.
The longer one - Memory Stick
The shorter one - DUO
And of cos there is the adapter to change a DUO to a standard Memory Stick.

Next, is the speed. There are 2 as well.
The normal speed - Memory Stick
The faster one - PRO (usually black in color for Sony)

So you can mix and match. DUO and PRO...
Now what you can use.
For size, its st forward. DUO means only DUO. Standard size can use both DUO with adapter or just the standard size.
For speed, its just if you have PRO, it can still work in normal mode. Just that you dun get that kind of speed. But if your device say only PRO, then it must be a PRO then. PSP for example.

Anyway one last time I found out was DUO (without PRO) only comes up to 512MB... For 1 GB there is only the PRO DUO version.

How the PRO and DUO thingie doesnt come haunting you again. :)

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