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Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Lot Like Love

I am not a big fan of Romance movies. However I dint know what came over me and I just watched "A Lot like Love" tonight. Its because of Ashton Kutcher, Nah, Of course not. Strangley I did quite enjoy the show especially the way the story was told. Although pretty much was predictable and the trailer that flash occasionally on buses and tv has kinda spoilt all the surprises.

What set my brain spinning was the issue about Deaf people. I had worked with volunteers before... Ok, not that much, but at least I know that most of them are unable to speak properly because they cant even hear what they sound like. I know it would require very much training under special teacher if you really want to speak like Graham (Hope I got the name right) for a deaf person. Anyway that brings back the idea of learning sign language I had long ago. I said I am going to learn it someday... That was like a few years ago.

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