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Sunday, June 26, 2005


An interesting idea send to me by my US friend again.

You can read all about it at the web. Basically its about givingaway your books, but you would like to know hows it doing after it leaves you. This web can help track it if the person who picked up log the book in. Its a pretty cool idea. Then I start to think what will happen in Singapore...

I leave the book at a park... Soon you see a junk collector comes.. Or worse, one of those newspaper hogging auntie or uncle just come along and pick it up and sell it for junk. I dread to think. In a place where there exist people who would even grab kilograms of FREE UNREAD newspaper just to sell them, I really wonder if this would even work here. FCS, I even need to have people distributing FREE newspaper in order to prevent against such.

Its pretty true that anything that is not nailed down will be taken. But I just wish the right person will pick it up and make use of it. I recycled my newspaper. Make me happy when I see someone else pick it up and read it. Just so little, I doubt I will save a tree or something, but it sure feels a lot better than to drop it into the rubbish bin.

Although I am skeptic about Bookcrossing in Singapore. I will no doubt try. Do it like an experiment and see what actually happens.

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