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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Backup Hell

Just came across an interesting video send to my by my friend from USA. Its basically a video to sell backup solution. Anyway its an interesting video which you can watch it at :

But which set me thinking... BACKUP. When do people really think about it. During lunchtime? Last thing at work before you knock off? OR must it be during the time when you boss have to call you and say : Houston, We got a problem...

This bring me to a story about the 9/11. Its a sadthing ok, but this untoldstory has to be some kind of joke really. There is a particular company which has datacenters and very well design disaster plans. The only problem was that their backup datacenter was in the other town... I guess it was after this that the word "Offsite Backup" took off.

Anyway, I will talk more about backup again someday since its one of the things I touch in my study for CISSP. For now, just keep that word somewhere in your head.

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